Let Your Imagination Soar to the Heavens

The interpretation of a dream is Jiyda

In old times a Shah was said not to conduct the state management works left by his father, but what he only did was to sleep and sleep. When he slept he saw different dreams, and getting up he asked the astrologers to interpret his dreams.

The-interpretation-of-a-dream-is-Jiyda_uzbek_taleOne of the days waking up he asked for forty astrologers to come and interpret his dreams.
– Eh, our Shah, first tell us the meaning of your dreams, then let us look for their interpretations, said one of the astrologers.
The Shah told them the dream he had seen with difficulty:
– In my dream I entered a garden, while I was walking around the garden I saw a mountain, there were two fools and one reasonable man in the mountain. There was a fruit tree just in the centre of the mountain, its fruits were ripe, in order to taste its fruits I tore a fruit from its branch, before I brought it to my mouth I woke up. I want you to give interpretation to this dream of mine.
The Shah was said to have lots of dreams like this. The astrologers were sick and tired of providing their interpretations. That’s why the head of the astrologists saluted him with a bow and said:
– Eh, our Shah one might have dreams of everything, it is not necessary to give interpretation to each of them.
The Shah got furious, and frowning he said:
– If you don’t provide interpretation, you shall face death, your property shall be dissolved, he said out at once.
The astrologers were frightened to death, were at a loss, and went to each corner in search for interpretation. One of the astrologers being scared to death came up to the Shah:
– Oh, the Ruler of the World, what was the name of the tree you had seen in your dream?, he asked.
– Where do I know, if I had known I wouldn’t have asked you, said the Shah threatening them.
– What was its fruit like?, asked the astrologer again.
– It’s fruit was like gold, leaves were like silver, branches were like metal, answered the Shah.
– We are not aware of the existence of the tree like this in the world, muttered the astrologer.
– I will not let anything to enter my dream, which does not exist in this world. You shall find that tree from anywhere in the world and interpret my dream, now be off from my eyes as I feel sleepy, said the Shah and leaned against his thrown.
The astrologers discussed till evening but could not find interpretation for the dream, and when they worried about their lives, the stable man of the Shah asked them what the matter was.
When the astrologers told him the whole story, he asked them to lead him to the Shah that he would interpret the dream himself.
They had the stable man come up to the Shah.
– Oh, my Shah, the forecast of your dream you had seen means that the mountain is a higher place, the garden is a good climate, the tree is food, that is, you are said to build a higher thrown and sleep there breathing from the clean air. As for the tree you have seen, it is called “jiyda” (a fruit with a long thin round seed in it, covered with flesh and red removable skin – translator) . Tomorrow I shall bring it from the courtyard of Grandfather Sarimsoq, he said and saved the astrologers from death.
The Shah ordered at once to build the thrown, and planted the tree brought by the stable man in front of his thrown.

The End

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