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Sixty mouthful of false statement

Once upon a time, once there being hungry, once their being fed up, a Shah was said to have lived. The Shah made an announcement in the city.
– The man who says sixty mounthfull of false statements I shall have my daughter marry him, present him the half of my wealth. If he can not say sixty false statements I shall cut his head off putting it on the log.
Let a false be the false, thought some guys, sixty false statements we would be able to tell in any case, thaught many more guys and faced the Shah and most of them could not even tell ten false statements, and lost their heads on the log.

A bald was said to live in a shabby room in the suburbs of the city. Hearing this news he had laid in his room looking at the ceiling and thinking about it for six months. For these six months he had found sixty false statements. Then the bald put on his hat, tied his waist tight with a piece of rope, put a palm of chewing tobacco under his tongue, scratched his donkey, said ha, chuu, my dear beast, go ahead, and came to the palace of the Shah.
– Who are you? What do you complain of?, asked the Shah loudly, with a threatening voice. The Bald said muttering:
– Oh, Shah of the World, you asked about my complaints, let me tell you my woes: At that time when I was in my father’s belly and in my mother’s womb my grandfather had six hundred sixty horses, I sheperded theses horses. One of those days a horse of my grandfather disappeared. That horse was a mare, more than that it was a pregnant mare, and was about to give a birth very soon. I had looked for it very much but it was nowhere. Then putting my hat upside down and climbing on it I looked around and noticed that the mare was two stone distance far away and gave a birth there. So, I went off for a journey to bring this mare with its baby horse, I came across with the Amudarya river. The river was frozen for seven layers, I tried to cross it on foot but I couldn’t, tried to cross crawling, but I couldn’t, then when I raised my feet up and put my head on the ice I quickly crossed the river. Reaching the mare I sat on it, and was about to hold its baby on my knees I could not lift it. Then I sat on the baby horse, put the mare on my shoulder, and with a jump I crossed the Amudaryo river.
My grandfather had a donkey. Moreover, he had a swallow. Flying three nights and three days that swallow hardly covered the distance from the tail to the head a fish. We cut off wood trunks from the bone of that fish, from those trunks we built a palace. In one part of the palace my grandfather lived himself, in other side his children lived, and his donkey stood being tied in the third part. Once the donkey of my grandfather died. We removed its skin and gave it to a master. The master processed into a leather and tailored it. From this leather we made ninety pairs of woman’s galoshes, eight pairs of man’s galoshes, we cut a piece exactly from the unsunny side and gave it to a shoemaker for two pairs of boots,. The shoemake made boots and gave them to us. I went to the market and bought one pood (16 Kg) of oil and polished my boots with that oil, but it hardly coated one part of the pair of boots, and was not enough for the other part. So, the other part was offended and left me. He walked and walked, and finally was hired by a rich man for two sacks of wheat. Searching I came up to him, but seeing me it climbed up on top of a poplar. I could not climb and stood under it. Asking it to come down or not, I threw at him dirt balls, the dirt balls I threw plowed twelve tanob (hectars) of land. Not to waste this plowed land I planted there water melon seeds. The water melon gave a good harvest.One water melon had a little hole. I entered into it with seven pieces of candle in my hand and searched for the other part of my boots. A baby camel of my neighbor was there inside I led it out. By persuading I brought the other half of my boots down from the tree.
I settled accounts with the rich man, he gave us two sacks of millet. When we put the millet into a tightly knitted sack, it poured out, then we put them into packages, they came out of them too, then there was a worn out sack with holes left by my grandfather we put the millet into it, it would not pour out. We loaded the millet on a camel, the camel knelt down, loaded it on a horse, its waiste broke, and then loaded it on a donkey it could not lift and fell on the dusty ground. My grandfather had a cock, loading wheat on it he had gone to the mill, we brought the cock and loaded the millet on it. Swaying back and forth the cock hardly delivered it to the destination.
Oh, my Shah, will you, please, count whether your sixty false statements were multiplied into one hundred twenty statements ?, said the bald.
When the Shah counted they were one hundred twenty false statements.
Looking at the bald the Shah said :
– Now go and find a craft not known by man, I shall give you forty days, said he.
The bald came out of the palace and went right to his mother.
– Mom, mom, I have succeded in telling sixty false statements of the Shah, now he told me to find a craft not known by man, said he. Now take me to a master of crafts, so that I might learn a craft not known by man, he said.
Mother and son went out for search of a master, they walked and passed streets, neighborhoods, they met masters but he did not like their crafts. While they we going along one of the streets, they saw that an old man was cooking a fast food bread on the ice.
– Mom, I want to be a pupil of this man, said he.
Then the bald’s mother :
– Master Grandpa, let my son be your pupil, his flesh be yours, bone is mine, said the mother.
– All right, said he.
– After forty days you will gather his bones and take them home ?
The magician had a girl, with a flat nose, winked eyes, a face like a dry peach, ribs like a roof board. This girl fell in love with the bald at first sight. The bald lied her :
– I shall marry you, but first you must teach me to your father’s magic craft and cunnings, said he. The girl was well aware of magics she started teaching it to the bald in secret, without her father knowing it. Since the bald was witty, he learned some deeds very quickly. Meditating he learned other things which were not taught to him, and then he became a full pledged magician.
For forty days the bald served for the magician. The magician used to order him differcult errends, but would not teach him his own craft. When one month passed he put the bald into the box and kept feeding him there. «I shall make you fat in the box, and butcher and eat you », he said. Seeing all this the girl did not want to lose the bald and wrote a letter to the bald’s mother. «Such and so, come up quickly, after a week my father will slay your son».
The bald’s mother came up running.
– Master grandpa, give me my son, tt is hard for me to make ends meet, said the mother.
The magician did not want to give her the bald and when he said some excuses, the bald’s mother cried out to alarm the neighborhood. The magician was afraid that his secrets would be discovered he opened the box. The bald came out of the box.
Then mother and son went off from the magician’s house. When they were walking along the street, the lads had their cocks fighting. Somebody’s cock lost the fight and ran off its crown bleeding red.
– Mom, let me be a cock and you sell me to one of these men for a thousand tanga (money), and keep going home, I shall reach you up, said the bald.
– Eh, don’t tell nonsense. How could you be a cock?, said his mother.
Rolling once before his mother the bald turned into a wild horse. When mother wanted to pass the horse did not let her. Mother was feared. Seeing that mother was feared the bald came back to himself again:
– How do you like my tricks, mother ? asked the bald.
– You are good. If you want let you be a cock then, said she.
Rolling once the bald turned into a cock. Holding it under her arms the old mother passed before the cock fighters. The lad, whose cock ran off, saw the cock under the woman’s arm and said :
– Granny, will you sell the cock, asked the lad.
– I will. For one thousand tanga. For less than that I will not, traded the woman toughly.
– The lad bought the cock for one thousand tanga and immediately had it fight in the cock fight ground. The bald cock, taking a target, staring at its rival in the ground, as if cluing a seed from the ground, advanced ahead. When the rival came close it kicked hard and killed the rival cock, kicking so it killed the second and third rivals. Then it flew over the wall and rolling turned into the bald man and walked away. The lad, who had just bought the cock and lost the game came, up to the house and said :
– Hasn’t a red cock passed from here?, asked he.
The bald pointed him the opposite direction and reached his mother at home. They slept that night and got up next morning, and then he said to his mother:
-Eh, Mom, let me turn into a baby camel, you take me to the market, and say that my price is ten thousand tanga, but don’t give my bridle to a man who buys me, said the bald.
Holding the camel by the rein the old woman headed to the market. They encountered that magician in the entrance to the market, He wanted to buy the camel.
When the old woman said that the price of the camel was ten thousand tanga, the magician gave her ten thousand tanga without trading the price. While the old woman was taking off the bridle, the magician said to buy the camel with its bridle, and asked the price.
The old woman thought that he would not need an old rope and said that it would cost another ten thousand tanga. At once without trading the Magician handed her ten thousand tanga and led the camel home. The bald trodded after the magician, his eyes filled with tears.
Coming home the magician ordered his daughter to bring his dagger at once. When the girl eyed him attentively she recognized that the camel was exactly the bald himself. So, the girl came into the house, hid the dagger in her sleeves, came out and said as a reason that she did not find the dagger. The magician asked the girl to hold the camel and gave her the rein. When he went into the house himself the girl cut the bridle off. The bald rolled once and turned to his original state and ran away.
-Dad, the camel ran away, shouted the girl.
Going home the bald turned back and saw that the magician was ranning with long steps after him. Then the bald rolling turned into a dove and flew away. But the amgician rolling turned into an eagle and paced him. Flying the bald landed in the palace, turned into blossoming flower on the forehead of the Shah. The magician holding a drum in his hand sang praises to the Shah at the gate of the palace.
The Shah became dizzy from praises and said:
– Eh, folk tales singer, ask your wishes, uttered out he.
– I shall be pleased enough if you give me the flower on your forehead, said the magician.
Thinking that the folk song singers lack minds that he asked only one flower he handed the flower on his forehead to the magician.
When the magician held the flower its needles entered his hand of which he cried out. The flower fell down from his hand on the ground and turning into millet seeds scattered around before the Shah’s eyes.
The magician turned into a hen and ate the seeds picking up one by one. One of the millet seeds got into Sha’s galoshes cover. After having eaten all the seeds the hen looked for the hiddden seed by qoo-qooing. Suddenly the seed turned into a coyote and ate the hen seizing. Then the coyote rolling once turned into the bald.
– Good day, the Shah of the World, have you now seen the craft not known by man?, said the bald.
The bald conducted parties and celebrations for her daughter to marry the bald. Then the bald lived with her happily for the rest of his life.

The End

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