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An adviser Bride

An_Adviser_bride_uzbek_tale_sleepingThe old couples were said to have a son. When he reached his mature age, and became a guy, the old man and his wife began preparations to get their son married. They asked their neighbours for a future bride and found a girl in a neighbouring village. They sent people to make engagement of the girl. On their first visit they had the engagement made and came back. With the help of many people they made a little wedding party, not a big ceremony, and brought the bride home.
Three days passed, ten days passed from the wedding day but the bride was said not to come out of the bedroom. Thinking that some day she would be kind and help about the householding work the old woman did all the housing toils herself. A month passed but the bride had no intention to come out. The old woman carefully found out that she kept sleeping all the time. .
One of the days the old man dared to speak to his wife:
– You said if I had a bride, she would take my errands from me, whether this bride of your was sick and skinny, Damp it, she was not inclined to go out, all the housing toils are left for you to care, said the old man
– Who knows she might have come with her pillow under her arms as she was always asleep and asleep, said the old woman complaining
An_adviser_bride_uzbek_tale_an_old_women_sweepingOne early morning the old man and woman came up to the middle of the courtyard and started quarrelling.
– Give me the broom, I will sweep, said the old man in a loud voice.
– No, how should you sweep being a man, no, you mustn’t, though be tired and suffered I will sweep myself, the old woman would say.
– Their noise became louder and louder. At that moment the bride opened the window a jar. Looking at the old man and woman, stretching herself, opening her mouth very wide, the bride, her eyelids swollen from sleep, said gnawing:
– Hey, what is all this loud noise about?, asked the bride.
– Eh, my daughter-in-law, don’t you see this persistent old woman, being ill, wants to sweep the yard, her waist is bending down, for this I said “let me sweep”, she would not agree, and is quarrelling with me, explained the old man.
– Oh, is all this about!, said the daughter-in-law stretching herself.
– All this is not worth of breaking my peaceful sleep. In that case, you sweep one day, the old woman sweeps the other day. It is settled, isn’t it?
– Having said it the bride closed the window and went to sleep again.

The End

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