Let Your Imagination Soar to the Heavens

A pumpkin

Once upon a time, in old times there lived a guy with the name Boltaboy. Once he went to the market to buy a pumpkin. He bought two pupkins. One was big, the other was small. When he was going with two pumpkins loaded on both sides of the donkey back the small pumkin fell down on the ground and broke. From inside came out a beautiful girl with a face like the moon, her black brows like an arrow, slender, with a birthmark on her face, when seen, would drive anybody go mad with love. Boltaboy had not seen such a charming girl in his life. Seeing the girl he was at a loss, did not know what to do, he became even speechless and numble.
a pumpkin_beauty_girl– Hey, girl, will you marry me?, he uttered out.
– I agree, said the girl
Boltaboy thought of taking the girl on the chariot. So, leaving the girl by the creek, he went to the village to bring a chariot with a horse.
Hardly passed some time the other pumpkin broke and out came a big woman from inside. Seeing the girl sitting by the creek, she pushed her into the water and took her seat by creek.
After passing some time Boltaboy arrived with a chariot and saw that there, in the girl’s place was sitting a big, fat woman. Boltaboy got surprized: “Is this the girl I have seen? Has it been she – herself I have promised to marry her”, he said to himself. He kept his word. With all his might Boltaboy could hardly raise the woman on to the chariot. Pulling the chariot by horses he brought the woman home. Boltaboy made a wedding party and married this woman.
The girl who had fallen into the water turned into a white horse and came right to Boltaboy’s house. Boltaboy caught the horse and tied it in the couryard.
A pumpkin_white_horse_girlSeeing this the woman turned pale, became angry and yelled at Boltaboy. She ordered him to slaughter the horse. Boltaboy liked the horse very much. He did not agree to slay it. But his wife did not cease yelling at him. Every day she kept muttering and grumbling. Boltaboy could not stand her bitty words any more and slaid the horse. The white horse’s blood splittered into three sides. Before not so long time passed from the blood stained places three trees grew out.
Boltaboy’s wife gave a birth to a child after nine months, nine days and nine minutes of their marriage. The woman had been suspicious of these three willow trees which were growning by their own. One of the days she thought “it was time to sweep away them” and made her own plan.
– Cut these trees and make a door, a window and a cradle from them, she insisted. Boltaboy did what his wife ordered him to do: he cut the trees, made a door, a window and a cradle. His wife laid her baby in the new cradle. When she was shaking it suddely the cradle broke screeming and pressed the baby to death. Seeing this the woman was about to go out and run away the door pressed the woman from both sides and killed her.
When Boltaboy came back from the field in the evening and entered his home his wife and child were lying dead. At that time makng screeming noise the window turned into a girl. The girl came up to Boltaboy, greeted him and told the events one by one which had happened there.
– Those who dig a hole with ill wishes for others are destined to fall in it themselves, the girl ended her story.
Boltaboy understood the event, found the girl he had seen first, made a wedding party with her and lived with her happily for the rest of his life.

The End

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