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A blue dove

Once upon a time, there had been a master in old times. His wife was said to be pregnant. The wife went to a spring to get water. There a birth pain began and she gave a birth. When she looked at it it was not a baby but a baby donkey. She left the baby donkey on the spring, filled the jug with water and came back home. The master saw his wife coming with an empty belly.
– “Wife, what have you done with the baby in you belly?”, asked the master
– “I gave birth on the spring, when I looked at it it was a baby donkey, so I left it on the spring”, said the wife.
The master hurried to the spring and brought the little donkey home and started to take care of it. Days passed, months and years passed the donkey reached eighteen years old. One of the days the donkey began speaking.
– Daddy, I want to have a wife, said the donkey.
– Who would agree to marry you as you are a donkey, not a man, said the master.
– I want Shah’s daughter marry me, said the donkey
– Have you gone mad? How on earth can Shah give his daughter to you?
– In any case, you should go and do engagment, said the little donkey.
– Being shocked at the persistance of the donkey the master went to the Shah’a palace.
– What complain do you have?, asked the Shah.
– I came to ask for enagagement of your daughter to my son, responded the master.
– What features does your son possess that you have come to ask my daughter?
– Though my son was born with donkey like features he has been insisting on me to have the Shah’s daughter marry him?
The Shah had to be fond of jokes he was curious to know there could be something strange, he thought:
– May be, he said and added. Let your son come up to me at midnight. If I like him I shall give him my daughter.
The master came back home and told the little donkey all that had happened in the palace of the Shah. At midnight the little donkey rolled up and down and became the most handsome guy. Having hidden his donkey clothes he went to the Shah’a palace. Standing before the Shah he soluted him.
-Who are you?, asked the Shah.
-I am the son of the master who came in the morning, said the guy.
The Shah liked him and wanted his daughter marry him. The boy returned home and putting on his donkey clothes addressed his father:
– Father, the Shah agreed and asked you to go for counselling on wedding, said he.
– You said that your son had donkeylike features, but he seemed communicable, clever and very handsome, said the Shah.
A blue dove_donkey_uzbek taleThe old man was surprised and thought that the Shah might have gone mad, he kept silent. The two would be fathers –in-law appointed the wedding date and made a big wedding party. The bride came to the groom’s house and sat with charm. At that moment the donkey was seen coming in. Morover, it came right to the the bride and lay leaning next to her. The girl was shocked. The donkey began speaking:
– It is me who is your groom. From now on we shall live together, my princess, he said.
No knowing what to do the girl wept and wept, and at last yielded in her lot. Next day the girl’s friends came and insisted on her showing her groom. At that time the donkey was standing in front of the barn. While she was at a loss what to do the donkey groom came in from outside and took his seat beside the girl.
– What’s the matter? Is this your bride?, the girls burst out laughing.
A blue dove_donkey_prince_handsome_guuy_uzbek taleThe girl started thinking of running away. When she entered her bedroom to take her things there was sitting a hansome guy. When the girl got surprised the guy told the story and showed his donkey clothes. The girl almost went mad from happiness. The guy was said to turn into a handsome guy at nights and during the day he would wear his donkey clothes. The girl’s friends came again, and made her a laughing stock by saying that she was the donkey’s wife. The girl could not stand their clownings, and finally told them the whole story .
– Then, show him to us in the image of a man, hide his donkey clothes so that we might see him, said the girls bursting into a loud laughter
The Princess agreed. She had hidden the guy’s donkey clothes before he got up in the morning. When the guy got up and looked around there were no donkey clothes in the room He asked his wife about his clothes.
– I have put your donkey clothes into the fire, so that you will go like this, said the Princess browbeating.
– Now my life which I have led with you has become a sin. – Off I shall be gone. Don’t look for me. In any case you will not be able to find me.
A blue dove_uzbek taleRolling up once the guy turned into a blue dove and flew away. The Princess remained weeping from missing him. When the Princess was weeping her friends came in and asked her to show them her groom.
You are to blame for all, persuaded by you I lost my spouse, said the Princess, and forced her friends to quit the house. She got ready for a trace journey. Putting on a steel galoshes, holding an iron stick she took her journey.
The Princess walked and walked very much, passed endless deserts, and she encountered with a flock of sheep. All the sheep were of blue color.
– Why are all your sheep blue? she asked the shepherd.
These sheep belong to Blue Dove Richman. For the donkey clothes of the Blue Dove Richman had been lost all the sheep were mourning, answered the shepherd
– Where is the house of Blue Dove Richman?, asked the Princess.
– It is forty days walking distance from here, said the shepherd
The Princess walked and walked along the road showed by the shepherd. Then she encountered with a flock of horses. When he looked up he saw that all horses were of blue color.
-Why are all horses of blue color?, she asked the horses caretaker.
– For the donkey clothes of the Blue Dove Richman had been lost all the horses were mourning, answered the the horses caretaker.
The Princess went on her journey. Tired as she was she came up to the edge of a pool and sat resting there. At that moment a servant girl walked up to the pool and dipped her jug into the water.
– Hey, servant girl, whom does this land belong to?, asked the Princess
– These places belong to the Blue Dove Richman. His donkey clothes were lost. He has been mourning for a year, said the servant.
– A worse hell be upon him, have me drink water from your jug.
The servant girl handed her the jug, the Princess pretended to be drinking the water and dropped her wedding ring into the jug. Carrying the jug the servant girl walked into the residence of the Blue Dove Richman.
– You are too late, bring me the water, ordered the Blue Dove Richman.
The servant girl handed him the jug. When the Blue Dove Richman brough the jug up to his mouth, the ring touched his lips. Holding the ring up he saw that it was the ring he had presented to his spouse on the wedding night.
– Who is there by the spring? Tell me the truth, said the Blue Dove Richman.
– A beautifu girl is sitting, answered the servant girl.
– Go and bring that girl to me, said the Blue Dove Richman.
The servant went back and brought the girl to him.
– Why did you come, asked the Blue Dove Richman
– I came for search of you.
I said that my life to live together with you is a sin, as there is no my donkey dress, take your time and be off, said he.
– Your donkey dress was not lost, I had hidden it, if you go with me I shall present it to you, said the Princess.
– Why didn’t you tell me at that time?
– Off you flew before I could tell about it.
Thus, the Blue Dove Richman had one of his servants turn into a blue dove and ordered it to go and fetch his donkey dress from its hidden place. The blue dove brought the dress within winking of the eye. It was only at that moment the Blue Dove Richman became happy, and rolling once he turned into a guy, lived long and happily for the rest of their lives, all their dreams came true.

The End

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